Aeration, Lime & Seeding Services


When it comes to lawn care, we are well aware that we need to water, mow, and fertilize. What’s next on the list? Core aeration is an essential part of an overall lawn health program. Watering, mowing, and fertilizing promote healthy turf growth. That growth can lead to excessive thatch and soil compaction. Our core aeration service punches holes through the thatch layer and pulls cores of soil from 3-4” down in the earth. This process opens up the root zone and allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate down to the roots. These openings create pockets for fresh growth to occur. For best results, it’s recommended to aerate your lawn yearly or bi-yearly.


This process combines the benefits of a standard aeration with the added benefit of new seed broadcast over the entire yard. This is a routine maintenance service that will keep a healthy lawn looking great. Aeration reduces soil compaction while pulling up fresh “cores” of soil that are beneficial to the seeding process. Overseeding allows for different varieties of grass to be added to your lawn, increasing species diversity and maximizing the health of the turf. This process makes your lawn more resilient to environmental stress, disease and insect pressure. Seeding guidelines are provided to our customers to ensure the maximum results are achieved with the proper care.

This service pairs well with the 5-Step Lawn Care Program. One of the first stages in getting a healthy lawn is controlling the weeds. When weeds die off, it can leave bare patches in your lawn that need to be aerated and seeded for a thicker turf that prevents new weeds from popping up.


Lime application is a benefit multiplier. It helps all of the processes work better by balancing the pH level of your soil. This enables the grass plant to process nutrients more efficiently, while reducing buildup and fighting off diseases. Our certified lawn technicians will take regular pH tests of your lawn to make sure everything is in balance.

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