Increase Tenants in Indianapolis with Commercial Landscaping Design

Commercial properties, especially older ones, often overlook commercial landscape design to attract new tenants. Frequently, the exterior of the complex piques the interest to find out more about a space. Make sure your property is up to date, fresh, and that it stands out!

Here are four ways commercial landscape design updates your space:

  • Update walkways
  • Install new lighting
  • Refresh your flower beds
  • Clears out the space

Update Walkways

A new trend in walkways and patios is stamped concrete. Specifically, natural-looking stamped concrete. Stamped concrete has a design made by a series of large stamps. These designs are usually made to look like stone or other natural elements, or textured and painted to add an even more natural appearance.

Even if you choose to update your walkway in another material like brick or stone, having an updated and welcoming path to your property and around your property tells a tenant about your facility. Make sure you present an image of a fresh,well-maintained space with a new walkway.

Install Lighting

Updating lighting around your property delivers a huge impact. Pathway and safety lighting is a good idea anywhere, but take it a step further and update to an environmentally friendly light source such as LED bulbs or solar lights.

Make sure your property is visible at night and incorporate spotlights for a dramatic touch. Because lighting is tricky, make sure the lighting is both effective and visually appealing. Hiring a professional to help with this commercial landscape design task is a good idea.

Refresh Your Flower Beds

A simple change to the look of your flower beds has an impact on your property. If you have older, large evergreen shrubs that were popular over 30 years ago, it is time to update the space to incorporate newer, trendier plants.

This is also a great time to think about adding some color and seasonal varieties to your space. Trends today are all about color and texture and it is an easy way to help your property stand out.

Clear Out the Space

If you have not updated your flower beds in a few years, it’s likely there are plants that are overly large or expanding and creating a somewhat messy look.

Commercial landscape design is usually about clean, well maintained spaces to enhance, not distract from, your property.

Depending on the size of your beds, a complete overhaul for your flower beds is a smart idea. Talking to a professional about your commercial landscape design is wise.

They suggest varieties that are native and low maintenance, and provide you with a good maintenance plan to prevent overgrowth in the future.

Now Is the Time to Start Planning Commercial Landscape Design with Hittle!

This is a great time of year to start planning updates to your landscaping. As soon as the weather is warm enough, your landscaping company begins their work!

At Hittle, we have been providing custom commercial landscape ideas and services for over 45 years. We are familiar with the trends and always put our customers first. When you are ready to update your property, call us!

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